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Are you interesting in our coaching and consulting services to assist you with mindset, leadership development, budget and finance planning and management, or to start a new business? If yes, awesome! Start with a discovery call!

A discovery call is the first phase of our process. This will allow us to connect and determine how we can assist you. If we are a great fit, we would guide you to the next phase to determine which option you would like to choose to create our partnership.




15-30 minutes​ 

discovery call

This call is for 15-30 minutes. We will get acquainted and discover if we are a great fit. If you desire to move forward after your discovery call, I will assist you with the next step to start the onboarding process based upon the package you choose. I look forward to speaking with you.

Cancellation Policy

Please Note: We request 48 hours notice to cancel appointments. Please be aware that clients who do not provide at least 48 hours notice, when cancelling appointments, will have the session(s) counted and reduced from the total number or coaching or consulting sessions purchased. You will be charged for missed sessions which are not rescheduled in accordance with this agreement, except in exceptional circumstances (at the Coach’s discretion). If you are late for a session, the session will complete at the scheduled time. If you are more than ten (10) minutes late for a session, the session may be cancelled and billed. The session may be refused if cancellation has not been made, as required by this agreement. Cancellation or rescheduling of up to three (3) or more sessions may result in the company cancelling services, removal from programs, and no refund.

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