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Why join JUST D.I.V.E?

JUST D.I.V.E is an online education hub that uses a signature strategy to help individuals create a solid foundation to produce, monetize, and advance in many areas.



A presentation with quality information and course material will be provided in each course. We recommend taking notes and reference to the presentation, when needed. 


There will be access to our online community. We will answer all your questions and concerns. Feel free to connect to build community. This is a community of believers,   go-getters, and dream builders. 


There will be six months access to the replay of each course in your course dashboard. This will allow you to view each course at your convenience.

  • Do you have a refund policy?
    All sales are final due to the nature of our services, electronic downloads and intellectual property being provided. However, our mission is to provide quality information to enhance your learning. We are always available to answer any questions or concerns by emailing:
  • How do I gain access to the system?
    You will have immediate access to all buyer & seller templates and guides to run your real estate business.
  • I am brand new or still working to get my license. Should I wait to purchase the system?
    The templates and guides are perfect for both new and aspiring agents! You will be able to show up, stand out, be the expert, and succeed in your real estate business. If you are an aspiring agent or currently studying for the licensing exam, you can still invest in this system. Your first focus is to study to pass the licensing exam. Investing in this system will give you a chance to look through the information and organize your business in the initial stages. Investing early is never a bad thing! Pursue it with 100% and get licensed. You got this!
  • Will I need to do a lot of editing to the templates and guides?
    No. These are done-for-you templates and guides to help you effectively run your business. You will need to make edits for your specific market and according to your specific state, however. This allows you to focus on gaining leads, have a follow-up system during your transactions, and guides to educate and win clients.
  • Will you have something in more depth like a course program for new and aspiring agents?
    Absolutely! I am currently working on an in-depth course program for new and aspiring agents. It will be launching soon.
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