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Want To Remove The Thought Of Being The Newbie In The Market And Walk In As The Professional? Stop Choosing Cookie-Cutter Guides That You Found Online That Doesn't Fit Your Clientele Or Your Personality Start Using This Fully Customizable Guide To Accommodate & Connect With Your Seller Clients That Will Allow You To: Elevate Your Brand Walk In Your Listing Appointments Fearless & Confident Strategize With Authority Stand Out And Secure Those Listings The Presentation Includes: Welcome Agent Introduction Agent Commitment Getting Acquainted Questionnaire What To Expect Of Listing Consultation Phases Of Home Selling Seller Fees Associated With Selling A Home Establishing An Exclusive Partnership Prelisting The Home Seller FAQ Strategy To List Listing Live To Under Contract Understanding Price Recommendation The Showing Process Understanding Offers Steps To Closing Invest Today, Gain Instant Access, And Produce Income The Guide Can Be Printed Or Emailed For Your Clients Which Can Be Found In Canva. You May Need Canva Pro! Canva Allows You To Edit Text, Font, Font Size, Colors, Photos And Positioning. You'll Have The Ability To Add Your Personal Logo, Photos, Personal Information, Add Or Remove Pages if you'd like, And Create Multiple Versions Of The Template.

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